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Supplier of Premium Himalayan Salt in Thailand

Our Pink salt products are directly sourced from the ancient Salt Range Mountains of Himalayan Belt

Why himalayan salt?

Salt (Sodium Chloride) is one of the main mineral and electrolyte found in Human body.  Nowadays, supermarkets and shops are filled with Chemically processed and bleached Salt products that are void of trace minerals that are required for proper functioning of human body. Himalayan Salt is natural alternative which comes from the Salt Range mountains of Pakistan.

Trace minerals

Himalayan Salt Contains over 84 trace minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Zinc etc. Table salt has zero.

Better for your health

Improves digestion, blood circulation, prevents allergies, better taste few of many benefits of Himalayan Salt.


That's right. No Harsh chemicals or impurities. Pure Himalayan rock ground salt for you and your family.


You can use Himalayan Salt in Bathing, Air Purification (Salt Lamps). Can be used in Neti Pots for allergies.


At RAS we have variety of ready made Himalayan Salt based Health Products for your spiritual and physical health improvement.

Salt Coarse 5-8mm

Salt Rock 6-8cm

Salt Coarse 3-5mm

Salt Coarse 3-5cm

Salt Powder 1mm

Salt Powder 1mm

Salt Coarse 2-3cm


All the RAS Natural Health Products are certified with international accreditations. We are certified from BSCI which is initiative of Foreign Trade Association (FTA). We adhere to strict audit and hygienic working conditions to ensure the quality of end product.  Our Himalayan Salt products are best in the industry and come directly from salt mines.

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