Cooking items made of Himalayan salt to make your kitchen experience better, and your food – healthier and tastier.

Cooking Plate

Make your meals tastier and healthier by cooking them on salt plates. Available in round and square shapes.Most common sizes are:8x8x2,8x4x2,6x6x2,12x8x2 square, 8” round 10” round

Pestle and Mortar

Put different spices and herbs inside, crush and grind and they will be mixed with the Himalayan salt. Available in different shapes and sizes

Tequila Shot Glasses

These glasses add a perfect natural salty note to your tequila shot.Size is approx. 3.25 inches. Comes in a box where 4 shot glasses can fit.

Salad Bowl

Put your salad, fruit or vegetables in the bowl for a perfect mix with the Himalayan salt.

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