RAS Naturals offers a wide variety of shelf-ready solutions. We will make it headache-free for you by designing and packing everything in Thailand. With us, your product is ready to go on the shelf. We develop new solutions as we progress.

To see all the pre-packed solutions we offer, please, email us at contact@rassalt.com

Salt Grinders

RAS Naturals offers exceptional quality of grinders with salt, which include: Ceramic, Stainless Steel as well as Plastic mills. Available in different sizes and include your company information and private label.

Glass Grinder - Type 2

A new edition to the grinder family. Same quantity as a large grinder, but different design bottle. Same glass bottle and ceramic grinder for the premium line.

Glass Grinder

Salt Shaker and glass bottle grinder. Exquisite.

Plastic Grinders

Tall plastic grinder. Can hold 360 grams of Himalayan Salt. Not as Glossy as the glass one.

Plastic Pouch

Plastic stand-up pouch with the zip-lock to keep the freshness. Comes in different weights: 400g, 500g, 1kg. Can be printed or with sticker.

Salt Pouches

Best quality Pink Himalayan salt is also available in these flat base pouches as well. Available in 500g, 1kg and 2kg.

Salt Shakers

Our Cylinder shape plastic shakers are available in 100g, 750g and 1kg with your company information and private label.

Mason Jar

Put some salt in this trendy glass jar. Includes sticker with your information and different designs of holes on the lid.

Plastic Jar

We offer many kinds of plastic jars packaging with your company information and private label.

Plastic Shaker

New elegant plastic shaker with a flip top cap available in 560g and 750g with private label. Transparent – so you can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayan pink salt.

Plastic Containers

New Product! A high quality fancy plastic container available in 2.5lbs and 5lbs with private label option.

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