Himalayan salt lamps are a hand-carved natural light source with soothing effect and ability to purify and ionize the air. However, the lamps themselves range in color from light pink to pink with an orange hue, depending on the mineral concentration. The pink Himalayan salt crystals are mined, then hollowed out and fitted with a bulb to provide both light and heat. Can be carved in any shape and size according to your request.

Round Lamps with Shape

Round lamps with shapes – you can create any design you like and enjoy your unique custom-made lamp.

Natural Lamps

Natural Lamps can have different sizes up to 100 kg.Most common weights of lamp are 2KG, 3KG, 4KG and 5KG

Shaped Lamps

We can carve a lamp into any shape you would like.

Geometrical Shaped Lamps

We can carve any shape of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Fire Bowl

We can carve a lamp into any shape you would like.

Iron Basket

We can make any design and shape of an Iron Basket with Himalayan Salt Chunks.

Diffusor Lamp

Beautiful item to make a spa-like environment at your place. On top there is comes a metal cup to put essential oils. When the diffusor is heated, the aroma of the oils are released into the air.

White Salt Lamp

Beautiful, Graceful and Sophisticated. Comes from a different mine of Himalayan salt and emits a charming white glow when lit up.

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